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Tramontina 80116/544DS Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Clad Cookware Set, 8-Piece, Made in China?

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12th Oct 2020

Probably cast iron, but I also really like my tri-ply stainless steel. Depends on your budget and forearm strength – my biggest issue with cast iron is it is HEAVY. Then for stainless you can get the Rolls Royce version (All Clad) or the Toyota (Tramontina). Both test well as far as evenness of heating and such, but All Clad comes out slightly better in most tests. Lots of stainless pans have an extra highly conducive metal plate attached to the bottom of the pan. This means that the bottom will get relatively hot quickly, while the sides take longer to heat up. I’ve never heard good things about this type of construction. Stainless is also good as it’s non-reactive – some metals will react with acidic ingredients leaving a bad taste (cast iron can be reactive, but I think if it’s well seasoned it’s not a huge issue?)

Speaking of reactive, you can also go with copper pans. They’re good conductors, but not great at cooking everything. It appears some have linings that help with reactivity, but for as expensive as they are it just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

If you really want non stick, there are ceramic non-stick pans. They are decent, but the ceramic coating isn’t incredibly durable. You’ll have to replace them periodically.

I tend to use my All Clad for nearly everything, the cast iron for stuff where I want a really good sear or for frying, small teflon pan solely to cook eggs, and my ceramic non-stick for dumplings (nonstick choices are solely based on size). My mom has some ridiculously well seasoned cast iron that is amazing for eggs, so the nonstick isn’t necessary, just necessary with my range of equipment.

ETA: whatever you get should also be oven safe!

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21st Jul 2015

Dutchoven, sauce pots, all purpose frying pan. Go with stainless steel multiply if you want them to last. Tramontina seems to be popular choice.