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Trademark Games 72-CB340 Toy Gun Alarm Clock Game, 3.875×7.875×7, White/Black?

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4th Sep 2020

There are a lot of alarm clocks that are designed to discourage you from hitting the snooze button or going back to sleep, including this one that runs away until you turn off the alarm, this one that makes you put your feet on the floor to turn off the alarm, and this one that lets you express your murderous rage for having to wake up by making you shoot the target to turn off the alarm.

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29th Sep 2020


What are his plans for waking up if he ever graduates and goes to higher education or a job? You won’t be available forever to make him do basic daily functions!

Maybe he should get an interactive alarm clock like the gun shooting alarm clock or the roll away one that’s specifically for heavy sleepers.

At the end of the day the getting up on time and participating in class comes from within. In any case you’re not the AH.

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8th Jul 2013

I found another, better deal for the same thing: $17.72 after shipping.

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6th Feb 2013

Here’s the only post I found when searching “gun alarm clock” in /r/thebestofamazon. Just now searching on Amazon I found the $30 one, but it’s not the one pictured.