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6th Dec 2019

Sorry work stole me away!
Ok so a lot of this routine might be unnecessary for some of you. I cannot stress how DRY my skin can get. I fried my moisture barrier with physical and chemical exfoliants before dedicating my life to this sub. Getting my acne under control was not too difficult for me. Deliberate cleansing (oil cleansing + 60 second cleansing), better diet, and more water cleared my mild acne up fairly quick. I got these scars from years of picking and popping pimples. Honestly keeping my skin clear is a priority because even after all this I have to stop myself from picking again.

So, attacking the PIH- I had to not only fade scars but heal my moisture barrier in the process. This is why I didn’t really use exfoliants.

Swipe a cotton round with micellar water (whether I wore makeup or not)

Almond oil cleanse followed by Aveeno Ultra-Calming Hydrating Gel Facial Cleanser (fragrance free and non-comedogenic!)

Swipe a cotton round with Belif aqua bomb hydrating toner and let it sit

Hydrocortisone (I believe 0.5%) on any active irritations

Apply 2 pumps of Tosowoong Green tea natural pure essence brightening treatment, with niacinamide all over face <strong>(</strong>you can find ingredients list on amazon)

At night I used Laroche-Posay intense repair moisturizing cream

When all this sinks in a put a thin layer of vaseline over it all so I could wake up feeling refreshed

Wash with cold water

Swipe a cotton round with Belif aqua bomb hydrating toner

Apply 1 pump of Tosowoong Green tea essence

Cerave Facial Moisturizer AM with SPF 30

Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel sunscreen SPF 30

I love all these products but I can’t go another day without Tosowoong, Belif hydrating toner, and the neutrogena hydroboost sunscreen which is the ONLY sunscreen I’ve used that leaves zero whitecast on my skin and leaves my skin feeling supple as fuck.

Sorry for the long post!