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TORCHSTAR Metal Desk Lamp, Swing Arm Desk Lamps, Architect Desk Lamp with Clamp, Adjustable Gooseneck Table Lamp, Clip Desk Lights for Home Office, Work, Study, Reading, E26 Base, Multi-Joint, Black?

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14th Jun 2020

Thank you. The desk lamp is a generic lamp I bought from the local marketplace, I found a pretty similar product to mine on Amazon here, and the one on top of the screen is the Baseus i-wok Stepless Dimming Screen Hanging Light.

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12th Jul 2021
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22nd Feb 2021

If you want a really cheap and easy option, buy an adjustable desk lamp, and replace the bulb with a daylight spectrum 5000kelvin+ bulb. It’ll provide enough light for 5 gallons, especially without floating plants. I did this myself with these products and I’m satisfied



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7th Nov 2017

I put most of my potted plants outside for the summer and the ones that would freeze to death, I bring inside to ‘overwinter’. Some of them stay green all winter and others go dormant losing all their leaves. The plant you’re looking at is tropical so I doubt it goes dormant.

You can get a small bag of potting mix at walmart or a hardware store. I’ve never found one that wasn’t better after adding sand to it. I buy big bags of washed play sand at the hardware store. You can probably find a small bag in the fish section of the pet department that would work fine. You’ll see the difference it makes when you add it to the potting mix.

Here is an example of a swing arm lamp that has both a desktop base and a clamp for table edges. $20 is not a bad price.

Pot prices vary greatly. Dollar stores around here sometimes have 6 inch pots with built in trays. A nice ceramic pot should be less than $5 and a plastic one should be about $2. I sometimes use large yogurt containers with a few holes in the bottom as temporary pots or to place in fancy pots that I don’t want to fill directly with dirt.

Most regular stores and even some discount stores are way over priced on pots. Sometimes ceramic trays aren’t too bad though. I often use frozen dinner trays for beneath my pots…the rectangular black ones look nicer in my opinion.

As for timers, simpler is better. If you shop around you might find it for around $5 so this price isn’t out of line.

You may need to repot eventually. It’s unlikely to be necessary for at least a couple of years though.