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Topping NX5 Portable headphone amplifier with AD8610 and BUF634 chip Black?

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11th Sep 2016

I’m looking at getting a FiiO E12 Mont Blanc. Are there any similar amps from other manufacturers I should take a gander at?

I have a mid-low quality portable DAC, and I’m looking for a mid-high quality portable amp to go with it (since I already have a portable dac and a high-quality home-use dac, I think my money will be best used on a good standalone amp, not another dac/amp).

Price: $100-$150 (maybe up to $200)
Paired with: Beyerdynamic DT 770 250ohm, AKG K612

Others I’m considering are the Topping NX5 and Cayin C5.