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Top Printed Double Shot PBT Shine Through Translucent 108 Key OEM Profile Keycap for MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard (Only Keycap)?

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13th Mar 2018

Hey guys, I recently got an e element z88, first board. I was considering getting some clear or translucent keycaps but not sure which ones to pick. A lot of them don’t have much info about them. A couple things, I know I’m looking at cheaper stuff here and going for flair over function. I just want flashy rgb stuff. Also aware my board has a nonstandard right shift but I’ve read I can use right ctrl there and it will fit, but will leave some extra space.

Mainly I was looking at the Translucent Shinethroughs from flashquark. They seem pretty in the pics, but can’t find much info on the material and it’s a little on the more expensive side for me.

Was also considering the clear keycaps from Doyu mostly because they are so cheap and they are some of the only clears I found with a quick search and from a reputable vendor.

And then finally I found some pbt doubleshot translucents on Amazon That seems like a decent set since theyre doubleshot pbt but they don’t look all that “translucent” in the pics. I’m not sure if that’s because of the material or what.

I’ve seen the max keycaps suggested a lot when I search similar threads but that’s not in my budget. They look amazing though. Not ugly like the clears when they aren’t lit up but the lights shine through super bright. Is there anything similar to those but maybe a cheaper material?

Would appreciate any advice in this regard, cheers.