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TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, TOMOKO 87-Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Cable, Blue Switches & Clicky Sound, Attached with Key Cap Puller Fit for Gamers, Typists, Dark Black?

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1st Dec 2020

I bought a cheap blue switch mech kb sold under the brand name Tomoko, VictSing as well as a few others.

I don’t play any games. I just use it for office work and general computing.

I’ve had it for about a year and a half and I really like it, the only problem is that I find I find I tend to make a lot of errors. Like I have a hard time typing sometimes because I am just constantly correcting myself. I don’t recall this being the case before. I tried switching back to my old membrane kb to compare, but the mushy feeling was sooo very distracting I gave up.

Is there any way to determine why these mistakes are happening and if a different switch or something would ameliorate things? Or any other ideas about what would be better? Most/all of the specific info I could find is about gaming.

I know it is a weird question. And possibly one without an answer. But sometimes people know things you don’t expect.