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ToiletTree Products 400 lb Capacity Precision Digital Glass Bathroom Scale, Grey?

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5th Jun 2019

I recommend this one.

I’ve had it for over a year, and it’s been super accurate. Has agreed with my doctor’s scale multiple times, nice big light up display, and no sneaky “memory” function (a lot of scales, as a “feature”, will lie to you and hide small weight changes within a certain period of time – the idea being that people don’t want to see their water fluctuations, I guess – which hides gradual progress, messes up your data, adds uncertainty, and prevents you from doing things like weighing yourself holding your cat vs not holding the cat as a means of weighing your cat). I haven’t had to mess with it at all. Resets are completely painless (put a little weight on it, step off again, done). And the smooth glass top makes cleaning it super easy vs textured tops.

I recommend pairing it with the Libra or Happy Scale app, to graph your progress and nix any anxiety about fluctuations.

The only reason I would suggest another is if you wanted one of the more expensive electric ones that pair with your phone to auto-track your weigh-ins. I decided against that since Libra manual entries are painless and the auto ones looked like they might actually be more of a hassle for me, but it is an option to consider.

I’m not affiliated in any way. Just really happy with it compared to my last scale. 😛