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Tobi Steamer Wrinkle Removing Machine Upright and Portable?

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23rd Jul 2021

Thank you, there’s a bunch of cleaning appliances to rent at my local supermarket, I’ll look into it. Btw are these steamers the same as steam cleaners? I have this one but don’t know if it’s just for ironing fabrics.

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20th Feb 2016

I have a Tobi one. It’s small, not bulky, easy to move around, and unbreakable. I mean, in theory they shouldn’t break anyway, regardless of which one you buy, I imagine all steamers are just some sort of simple hot plate vaporizing water to make steam. I’ve left mine on for a full day and it goes went of water and it still works fine after.

I prefer it to ironing shirts – less of a hassle, feels faster (no need to set up a table), and you won’t risk burning your clothes. Unless you need to iron in a military press, then you will need an iron.