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Titan Fitness T-2 Series Tall Power Rack, 700 LB Capacity Cage for Weightlifting?

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8th May 2015


This is the one I have been using since December. I like it and it was under $400.00. I am somewhat new to lifting. Maybe someone with more experience would have a different opinion, but i find that is does the job it is intended for. Hope this helps.

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14th Jan 2017

Did a quick little comparison… 107 lbs when setup and cost $309 on Amazon…

Compare to the fitness reality one… 133.5 lbs and cost $199, also powder coat paint, since someone mentioned that about the T2.


PS i help design the fitness reality one and get to design new attachments soon. Yay!!!

Ask me anything!

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25th Jun 2018

Titan Fitness Rack, bench, barbell, set of weights. Should be able to get all that off Amazon and can start doing the big 3 exercises (among others), plus pullups. Titan has free standing and wall mount systems. I personally have a wall mounted one and it’s amazing for the price.

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9th Mar 2018

A gym membership at a place that has power racks, or if you’re working out at home, a power rack / squat rack with safeties, a flat bench, a barbell and some weight (don’t spend more than ~1k in total if you’re just starting out).

Everything else is luxuries.

You can get by without those things too, but having them makes things a lot easier.

If you have a half-decent gym nearby I would go with that first for a few months, just so you figure out if you are going to keep lifting weights long term.

If I was doing a basic garage gym setup and didnt want to buy second hand I would grab these things:




They aren’t the cheapest option (craigslist is the cheapest, and you can also get new things cheaper) but it strikes a good middle ground of getting things that have been tested and has an ok reputation (so should resell ok) while still being on the cheaper side.

I’d also get some exercise bands for like 20 USD from somewhere to do things like band pullaparts, facepulls and assisted pullups if you can’t do full ones yet, and some microplates wherever they are cheap.

With those things, plus running/walking, you can do a full workout.

The next addition I’d get after that would be two dumbbell handles and some more small plates to do dumbbell exercises, but that is luxury. 🙂

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2nd Oct 2015

I have this bad boy, has been treating me well

I just got some horse mats at tractor supply and just put some plates on the front so I didn’t have to bolt it down.

This one is about 100$ cheaper than the one I have, and it seems to hold 100lbs more

Oh it’s cause they want 100$ shipping so they are both around the same price.