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Timeless Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid 100% Pure Serum – 2 oz – Powerful Formula to Rehydrate Skin & Boost Moisture Levels + Relieves Appearance of Skin Tightness – Recommended for All Skin Types?

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12th Mar 2019

My derm took me off retinol and gave me clindamycin. It’s not as effective, but it’s better than nothing. I’m also using hyaluronic acid to moisturize.

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4th Sep 2020

Was it the Timeless hyaluronic acid serum? I’ve seen it at Winners before

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10th Mar 2018

I’m sure you could just use Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil to get the same results. Both which you could easily purchase for fairly cheap off of Amazon (~$15 USD).

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19th Apr 2017

My goals have changed and I think I need to make some significant changes to my routine. I am now focused mainly on:

1) Reducing hyperpigmentation. I have freckles which I love, but I definitely don’t love my melasma and sun spots.

2) Wrinkle prevention. I get Botox so I don’t have many wrinkles, just some light crepiness.

3) Preventing collagen loss in my lips.

Here is my current routine. There are a few products that I love, but quite a few that I feel really “meh” about and could improve. I’m looking for suggestions on how to amp up my routine. I prefer a shorter daytime routine, and more inexpensive products when I can, but I’m willing to splurge for holy grails!


1) Timeless Hyaluronic Acid. This feels great on my skin, but because of how cheap it is I worry that maybe it’s not actually hyaluronic acid…

2) Say Yes to Grapefruit Under Eye Creme – LOVE. Instant brightness. Surprisingly effective for a drugstore brand.

3) Mason Natural Collagen Creme – LOVE

4) Sunscreen. I alternate between Biore Watery Essence and Innisfree Perfect. I feel they are both a little weak for me. I had better results (but so much white cast) from Neutrogena SPF 70+


1) Cleanse with Dermalogica Pepto-Glyco Cleanser. LOVE. Like a mini chemical peel every day. I sometimes use my husband’s Cerave if my skin is feeling dirty or sensitive. Or I just use a Neutrogena makeup remover wipe when lazy…

2) Biologique Recherche P50. – LOVE

3) Hyaluronic Acid Serum (same as AM)

4) Naturalico Vitamin C 20% Serum

5) Instanatural Niacinamide Serum w/ Avocado Oil. I’m wondering if the avocado oil is too occlusive and messing up my later steps.

6) Innisfree White Tone Up Eye Serum – New, but loving so far.

7) Good N Natural Retinol Cream. – Really like, but again, I wonder how good it can be with how inexpensive it is.

8) Alternate between mixing Finacea into my retinol, and Retin-A into my retinol.

9) Laneige Lip Mask – LOVE.

10) Seal it all with Argan Oil. – LOVE


Innisfree Acai Sheet Mask (love), Donkey Milk Aqua, TonyMoly Banana Sleep Mask (love), 2 Minute Peel (love), Aztec Clay Masque, Glycolic Acid Peel (I suck at doing this and end up giving myself a small chemical burn almost every time), EPL facial (HATE!), mirconeedling

Mainly I need help finding a better, super strong sunscreen, upping my serum game, and finding some additional masks and peels that can help with hyperpigmentation. Also does anyone have any strategies or products for increasing collagen production in your lips?!