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Timebetter Drawing Glove, Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet iPad, Digital Art Palm Rejection Glove, Good for Left and Right Hand – XS, 2 Pack?

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12th Mar 2021

A bit late, but I absolutely agree with the other commenter. iPads are expensive, but they’re durable and offer the best digital art experience. I would recommend the Autodesk Sketchbook app for a beginner. It’s super intuitive, smooth, and easy to use. Once she’s more comfortable with the software and wants to try new apps, she could try out paid ones like Procreate (the most popular for artists) and Clip Studio. ibis Paint X is basically a free Procreate, while MediBang is like a free Clip Studio.

While it’s possible to draw with your fingers, it’s not the most ideal experience. It’s going to be hard to find good pens for an Air 2, as that model isn’t known for having the best screen. The Adonit Pixel pen is compatible, but I don’t think your child will have palm rejection or pressure sensitivity. You might have to settle for a regular capacitive stylus from Amazon. So they’ll need to wear a glove, like this, to prevent their hand from interacting with the screen as they draw. If you’re willing to buy a 6/7 Gen iPad, this pen on Amazon has excellent reviews, and your child will also have the option to use the 1^(st) gen Apple Pencil.

Optionally, you could get them a paperfeel/matte screen protector. While it’s not necessary, some artists like the friction (better control) and feel of drawing on paper. Bersem and iCarez are pretty reputable brands. The cons of this protector, however, is that they can make the screen appear grainy/rainbow-y and can rub down on the tips of a pen.