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TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women Men Clear Frame Square Nerd Eyeglasses Anti Blue Ray Computer Screen Glasses (Marble)?

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8th Sep 2020

yea bose doesn’t mix too well with apple. I’ve had mine for 5 years now, and the mult-device connection has ebbed and flowed. I used to have them paired to phone and macbook pro, but now I just pair them to my laptop.

I got these glasses and they’re working ok- I haven’t noticed any real eye strain. definitely a yellow tint to the lens, but nothing crazy. I keep my macbook on night mode too which alters the color tone and keeps everything eye-friendly.

As far as your ipad- you’re using it as an external monitor with your computer right? Do you really need to separately pair it to your headphones? If its not sidecar compatible, I use Duet. Definitely worth the money. My ipad actually is sidecar compatible, but it kept lagging and sucked at staying connected- I blame the headphones for disrupting the connection…but couldn’t find much online about it.