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Thonet and Vander RATSEL – 2.1+1 Wooden Multimedia Speakers System (Black) – German Engineering and Design?

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22nd May 2015

We have the Audio Technica AT-LP60. I have a few questions as my roommates and I are new to this wonderfully addicting hobby.
1. I’ve read great reviews about this turntable but according to the beginner guide in the sidebar it is not heavy not does it have an adjustable tone arm. Is the weight of the tonearm as bad as Crosley tables seem to be?
2. We bought two bookshelf speakers and the Lepai LP-2020A+ recommended in the sidebar. After hook up, it is lacking in volume and low frequency. Previously we had Thonton & Vander Rätsel system that randomly stopped working. We thought buying component by component would be cheaper and better, but we miss the depth of sound. We live in an apartment and do not have more than $150 to throw around for this. Should we buy an amp with sub capability and cheap subwoofer? Or a more powerful amp? Or should we look again at a package system like the one we had previously?