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Thermaltake Tt Esports Meka Pro Cherry MX Brown Switches 6 Red Backight Effect Mechanical Gaming Keyboard KB-MGP-BRBDUS-01?

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3rd Aug 2018

Probably shoddy build quality in general. Tt has never been great. Even their Amazon reviews on this board are just trash, some because of this exact issue.

For brands available internationally, as I think you are? If you can’t get stuff like Leopold, Varmilo, Ducky, then HyperX or Cooler Master would be preferable. I would even take a Corsair over a Tt.

I own a CM MasterKeys Pro S, and while I’m not impressed by the very average quality keycaps, it was fairly cheap, pretty well built, and it has survived a lot of abuse. Their newer MK750 or CK550/CK551 models are good a step up in the software/macros/lighting department as well.