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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Challenger Prime 3 Color LED Backlighting Anti-Spill Anti-Ghosting Membrane Gaming Keyboard KB-CHM-MBBLUS-01 , Black?

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26th Aug 2019

>the correct f-key

I’m using Challenger Keyboard and think I have no function keys to control the brightness. In my case, are there no ways to change it?

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19th Dec 2018


I really love this Thermaltake keyboard:


I think it’s at a reasonable price, and it has all the keys you could need for macros or anything, plus it’s backlit!

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11th Jun 2019

Complete newbie here, just looking to get my feet wet. New office doesn’t supply even halfway decent keyboards so I figured I’d try a mechanical to see what all the hype is about. Broadly speaking, I’m looking for the following requirements:

  • 100% full keyboard (I actually use the tenkey pretty often)
  • I like backlighting, but it’s definitely a nice perk rather than a requirement. If it is backlit though, it must be able to have all lights the same color and it must have the ability to adjust brightness (I’ve seen a few where the lights are fixed rainbow colors by row; none of that)
  • For office use, so nothing too loud
  • As a complete newbie, I don’t want to sink a bunch of money into this just yet

I’ve never felt a mechanical keyboard in action, so I have no idea what kind of switch is the right feel for me. Based on descriptions alone I’m thinking brown, but I’m certainly open to anything if you think something else would be a better fit. As a reference point, I do like the feel of my Thermaltake Challenger Prime membrane keyboard at home (right amount of initial resistance when pressing the key).

Using my untrained eye, these were the first few I found that I think fit my requirements:

Based on my requirements, are these at least adequate? Are there others you would recommend instead at the introductory level?

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21st Feb 2016

The Challenger is a pretty good pickup.

The Red Dragon also seems pretty good too.