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Thermaltake Tt e Sports Poseidon Z Brown Switches with 4-Level Brightness Blue LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard KB-PIZ-KBBLUS-01?

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18th Apr 2017

I can only compare them to my other brown mech, has Kalih switches https://www.amazon.com/Tt-eSPORTS-Poseidon-Mechanical-KB-PIZ-KBBLUS-01/dp/B00M9B2ON4

To me, the Anne Pro with Gateron Browns feel about the same as Kalih on my Termaltake keyboard, but with a lower pitched clack sound when you hit down the keys. Not in a bad way, but a muted way. BUT they still clack very audibly, which is pleasing to my ear.

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16th Feb 2016

Really? I’ve been looking at this keyboard, and many of the customer reviews report having chatter and input problems.

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31st Jan 2015

Need some help figuring out a brand / model of a first mechanical keyboard.

I have decided on Brown switches, and need ten key for work. Other than that, I don’t care too much about brand, backlighting, etc. Budget is <$100 USD.

My question is this: should I buy a used Das Keyboard (model S) for around $80, buy a new keyboard (Cooler Master, Rosewill are my preferences so far) for around $100, or a more “off brand” (I think?) Tt eSports Poseidon on Amazon for $80. I realize the Tt eSports don’t use Cherry MX switches; how bad is that? It seems to get good reviews on Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00M9B2ON4

I’ve been scanning /r/mechmarket for a while now and am just overwhelmed and don’t want to make a bad decision. Help! Thanks in advance.

EDIT: if it matters, this will be used almost exclusively for typing, not gaming.

I’d also add the TT esports Poseidon to this list, and the Logitech G710+ is under $100 now as well.