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3rd Jan 2021

A flare up is when you have a generally higher amount of symptoms than an average day. Its usually triggered by something (especially stress, going past your fatigue point) and you’ll have to figure out what your triggers are before you stop seeing every day flareups.

Plaquenil can take a few months to really work, and some people have to take a higher dose or move to another medication. Stay in contact with your doctor about that and don’t be shy about describing your pain.

There are medications that your doctor can prescribed you. I use difenac sodium gel on my hands bc i have severe arthritis there from Sjogrens, and I take a daily NSAID called Celecoxib thats a little stronger than most otc NSAIDs.

I have a bone spur in my neck, and combined with Sjogrens inflammation I get terrible headaches. As a result I’ve moved to this pillow:


It takes some getting used to. Its not a comfy, cozy pillow, but it holds my neck in the right position and keeps my shoulders (which tend to try to migrate to my ears) in place.

Regarding work, all I can say is to do your best to protect yourself. Splurge on the most comfortable shoes you can find. Wear nitrile gloves for delicate work if you have any neuropathy symptoms (assuming its not a safety risk). Taking breaks frequently can help reduce overall fatigue. Don’t let yourself get into one position for too long without stretching.

And don’t forget that you can ask for reasonable adjustments to your working conditions per the Americans with Disabilities Act (assuming you’re in the US). It can be intimidating to ask for what you need, but its you’re body and its up to you to protect it so that you can have a better future quality of life.