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Therapeutica Lite Cervical Pillow Petite, Medium Firm Orthopedic Neck Support?

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24th Apr 2021

I use to have one of those, but then my Chiro got me one of these.


I bought it from him, he said that you want to have one that is firm enough to help mold the curve back in your neck. When I first started using mine, it would make my T flare up. But that doesn’t happen as bad or as often for me at the moment. And you can also turn over with your shoulder forward and rest on your side with keeping your spine still straight.

I am pretty desperate so I was taking anything he was recommending because he told me that he had it and now has been symptom free for 18 years. Out of all the doctors, ent’s, and everyone else, he seems to be the one that knows the most and the only one that has given me guidance about it.

I also had a moderate / severe misalignment in my atlas. But he uses a instrument called “orthogonal” and he said it adjusts the atlas back into alignment. When I first started getting treatment I saw him every day and mine would keep coming out. But I have had times to where it stays in for a few days. Hoping that it doesn’t come back out.

He said its like hitting your funny bone nerve, that one moment of time can take 3-5 minutes for the nerve to rebound back to normal. He said it takes time for the nerve to rebound back. After being in alignment.