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19th Jan 2021

Before you start any diet at your age, talk to your doctor. Tell them your goals and ask for nutritional help. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the correct nutritional values into your body. Your muscles are still developing at your age and up to 19/20, according to some online resources.

That being said, keto has a lot of critics, in that while you do lose a lot of weight, it isn’t necessarily a heart healthy diet. I highly recommend talking with your doc before making any major changes like keto. In the mean time, limit your sugar and carb intake, eat fresh fruits and veggies, limit the junk food and focus on portion control. An app like MyFitnessPal can help track calories.

You can work out at home. Resistance bands provides some simple weight training options and a jump rope can help you incorporate more cardio into your day

There’s a book I’d like to recommend as well, The Big Book of Exercise For Women and it helps with at home exercise with limited equipment needed.

Bottom line, I applaud you for wanting to take control of your health. Take your concerns to the doctor and ask for nutritional guidance, don’t do anything extreme at your age, and just try to move at home if you’re unable to go to the gym more. Portion control is your biggest friend. Good luck.