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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Fencing?

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4th Sep 2015

Oh right, I thought your question was more a conversation starter than a specific question.

Even so my answer is the same. And granted I am at the semi-serious stage of fencing where I go two nights a week and can afford to spend another two nights doing karate, not everyone can. More serious fencers would want to spend more time fencing and for the non-professionals a lot of people can’t dedicate four nights a week to sport.

If need some way to rapidly balance your body this means you need to gain muscle on your off side, so obviously weight training would be the way to go.

There’s actually a pretty reasonable book – Weight Training for Fencing which I bought and use.

What you might do to balance is keep up with your regular fencing routine and start the weight program, you might like to try double work on your off side until things start to balance.

Weight training is going to be by far the fastest way you are going to gain muscle to balance your body without losing strength.