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The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane 30ml?

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25th Jun 2021

I got the Ordinary 1% off Amazon for 13.95. The actual website sells it for $6 but I’m sure the shipping is insane. I was skeptical because people said it either burned or did nothing, but I have sensitive skin on the dry side, definitely got rough retinol burn the first time (lasted a week) and relied on sunscreen and aloe vera.

When it healed there was a noticeable difference with the smile lines (unfortunately genetic but they were a lot milder after the first use). Decided to use it again after 2 weeks of waiting (working up to once a week use atm). The retinol burn was like a tingle and my fine lines are almost completely gone. Highly recommend.

One off the main website

The one on Amazon — it’s 14.80 now but you don’t need much. Mine will probably last a year