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The New Rules of Lifting for Abs: A Myth-Busting Fitness Plan for Men and Women who Want a Strong Core and a Pain- Free Back?

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8th Jan 2021

40+ yo here. I had significant lower back issues years ago, constant meds, steroid injections, doc was discussing a fusion. Couldn’t get out of bed some days.

Resolved the issues with a lot of core work. I followed the routine in this book which I always recommend to others with back problems, though I’m sure there are other similar programs.

Anyway, since resolving my back problems, and learned to activate my glutes (this is a big one) I’ve actually found the barbell squat to be the most pain free leg exercise. Leg press, back squat or leg extension machines are very taxing on my low back, leave me sore for days. But a true free weight squat, done properly, can actually be good for the back. Just make sure you address the underlying issues first.