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The New High Intensity Training: The Best Muscle-Building System You’ve Never Tried?

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19th Sep 2018

This sounds very similar to a program I used to follow a few years ago.

There is a book HIT Book That goes through a routine which is 1 set per lift, to absolute muscle failure. 8 exercises. The goal is minimal rest and it can be completed in around 30 minutes. I will say that it is super hard to actually go to true muscle failure, and it is primarily focused on muscle mass.

I was in the military at the time so doing other stuff too, but I think just a program like this on its own would suffer from a serious lack of endurance.

Side note: I just grabbed a link off Amazon, so I hope thats not an issue.

EDIT: I will say that it is incredibly painful as well, but the endorphin rush is awesome.

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5th Nov 2015

A book that I found useful is The New High Intensity Training by Ellington Darden http://www.amazon.com/New-High-Intensity-Training-Muscle-Building/dp/1594860009/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446739373&sr=8-1&keywords=hit+ellington+darden
It is an outstanding weight lifting book in my opinion. I believe that the HIT method has helped me a great deal.

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21st Apr 2015

You should check out High Intensity Training (HIT). Popularized by Arthur Jones in the ’70’s, it involves only 1 set per exercise. It’s the only routine I’ve done since High School. Here’s a link for my “lifting bible”

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29th Dec 2010

I might get downvoted here, but there’s really no such thing as a “fat burning workout”, it’s a myth perpetrated by the people selling such things.

The best workout for burning fat is one that will help you build the most muscle. More muscle=higher metabolism. I recommend this book:


My brother and I have seen an average of 11% and 13% increases in strength gains (and increases in muscle mass as well, but that’s harder to measure) from just four of these workouts spread over three weeks.

If you really want to lose weight fast now though, continue your keto-based diet and maybe throw in a 24-hour fast or two every week. You might burn 700 calories from a really intense workout, but a 24-hour fast will result in a 2000 calorie deficit.

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4th Aug 2020

Hit training time 😀
My favorite book about hit and a lot of background about Arthur Jones also
A great read either way

Amazon book link

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11th Oct 2015

You should look into Arthur Jones High Intensity Training (HIT). I swear by it being the best system for hypertrophy, however maybe not the best necessarily for strength and endurance. Adherents included Sergio Oliva (when he trained HIT he controversially lost to Arnold), Mentzer brothers, and Casey Jones (he has an interesting case study where he re-gained 45lbs of muscle in a month).

His earlier writings for his logical basis.

This book by Ellington Darden is the most recent and concise material on the subject.

This is the only way I workout now. I love the burn.

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19th Oct 2015

It’s definitely a controversial program that is unpopular on this sub. However, it’s core principles have affected how I have lifted for the past years.

Some famous bodybuilders have done HIT training. Sergio Oliva controversially (many thought him the better) lost to Arnold after training under Arthur Jones. Other well-known bodybuilders include the Mentzer brothers, Dorian Yates and Casey Viator.

If you are truly interested you should read this book by Ellington Darden.

This is my bible for lifting and the most concise arrangement of HIT principles and programs.

Some third-party websites have some crude overviews of HIT.


Arthur Jones earliest writings can be found here.

Regardless of these resources, I am more than happy to discuss HIT and am quite enthusiastic towards it being the best system for hypertrophy (although not necessarily strength and endurance, even though all three are directly related).