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8th Feb 2018

I agree with the other commenters regarding your goals.

Starting slowly is frustrating but crucial so you can keep at it. Getting so sore that you can’t go back for a week means you’re doing the workout you want to do, not the workout you can do. You’ll get there, just be patient.

Personally, I go with a functional fitness plan over pure lifts. A mix of bodyweight exercises and lifting works very well.

As someone who has fallen off the wagon several times for long stretches, I’ve found that simply going 3-4 times a week is a good start. You don’t even have to do much, just go. (I mean, as long as you’re there you should try to get some time in, but just going and taking a shower or sauna is better than not going at all.)

I’ll begin with a strictly elliptical or treadmill workout for 2-3 weeks, 20-30 minutes at a moderate level (for me.) As my body gets accustomed to working, I’ll start doing intervals on the elliptical, which gives a whole body workout as opposed to the treadmill.

Once I’m over the aches and pains of starting to exercise, I’ll begin bodyweight work, with some lifts added; front squats and deadlifts with a trap bar, specifically.
Early routines should build strength in the posterior chain to avoid problems later. A strong back and core will make chest, arm, and shoulder progression faster and safer.
That phase will go for about 6 weeks, with measured increases in lifting weight as my body allows. (That’s very important. Lifting is as much about form as amount being lifted, if you ramp up too quickly your form will suffer. Poor form = injury.)

Unless you choose to do a pure lifting program, tracking weight/reps/max/etc.. is less important than doing what you’re up for. Keep track, yes, but it’s a little more casual. Once I’m in it for a while, I can remember my weights and progression in my head. If I were bodybuilding, I’d have a spreadsheet going.

I’ll mix and match my workouts so no two are the very same, and I get most or all major muscle groups in every workout. I don’t target specific groups unless I start to get an imbalance.

I highly recommend The Functional Training Bible. It’s an outstanding resource for bodyweight and simple weight exercise.

As for supplements, a good clean diet is more important than supplementing, except for protein. I like BSN whey protein powder. Most of the pre and post supplements are a) unnecessary, and b) potentially bad for you.

Good luck and get strong!

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