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27th Feb 2022

Question 1: I’d look up this book. Great resource for diabetic athletes. It’s a must read

I currently use MDI and I am using the Xdrip with themiaomiao because it’s much cheaper than the dexcom – I highly recommend this. Let me know if you’d want me to explain more

As a PT I’d tell you this. In some form or way all work is aerobic work. It’s just which system is used more

A better way to look at it is how intense and adrenalic / cortisol spiking is the workout.

When you do any type of training that spikes cortisol you will need to bolus even during the session as numbers will begin to rise
Think CrossFit, MMA, comeptetive spots etc basically anything that shoots your HR up through the roof

Other than that. I usually stay stable during training, however if I begin to rise and need to bolus I will always take 1-2 units maximum (i.e: the minimum threshold dose)

If I’m higher than 250 I will first train in a way to lower my numbers immediately (steady state cardio (think less cortisol and adrenaline spike and heavy reliance on aerobic system)

Once lower that’s when I would begin the strength training or harder boxing session

An important rule to keep in mind as well is as a T1 you are always more liable to loose electrolytes, minerals and vitamins faster through your pee due to highs etc

B complex

Some of the many vitamins that help to supplement with. Super important (of course I’m not a trained medical professional just a PT)

Hope my English is OK

Hope it helps man