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The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution, 50ml?

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9th Jul 2021

I can second this!
I also went on keto ( mostly clean) and my skin cleared up pretty quickly .It was never ever clear.
I have had cystic acne since my teens (now 23)and my skin tends to scar super easy.

Sometimes I do still get a little pimple but with some tea tree serum. It disappears in 2 days!
Also I use retinol serum, vitamin C with hyaloronic acid,a moisturiser every evening and a mud mask once a week. I will link the products I use down, they helped me personally a great deal , so might be worth a shot.
*I recently also started birth control but so far it had no effect on neither my skin nor anything else.

Tea Tree Serum:
The Body Shop -Tea Tree Serum
Vitamin C+ hyaloronic acid:
Vitamin C Serum+ hyal.
Retinol Serum:
Mud Mask :