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Tesoro Tizona Elite G2NFL Blue Mechanical Switch USB Hub Tenkeyless Tournament Full Color RGB LED Backlit Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard TS-G2NFL (BL)?

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12th Feb 2017

Any opinions on Tesoro keyboards? I saw this one and was very interested. Cheap, with CHerry MX blues, detachable cable, and a USB Hub for my mouse/mic.

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11th Feb 2016

It just says “made in China”. Reviews are a bit mixed. Requires firmware upgrade to get full RGB, and requires gaming mode to adjust colors (but locks out Win key)


Further edit: I dunno, seems Amazon has Tesoro Tizona Elite (RGB, TKL, Brown Kailh?) for 62.63


Catch is this is not PER KEY 16.8M colors. This one is full keyboard 16.8 color. However, I’m pretty sure the Rosewill is not per key either.

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26th Jan 2018

I own this keyboard (MX RED), I wouldn’t recommend it, but I can’t return it because it’s a refurb. AMA

EDIT: I would personally recommend this keyboard, I have used a couple of their keyboards and they are top notch without breaking the bank.