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TESmart KVM Switch 4 Port HDMI | 4K 60Hz Ultra HD | Multimedia with Audio Output [Connect Multiple PCs, Laptops, Gaming Consoles to 1 Video Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse] Includes 2 Cables w/USB & Remote?

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31st Mar 2020

I feel like the Iogear models are pretty good lately. With current firmware, they even are able to pass startup keys, which has traditionally been a problem. I have the 8-port version of this. You’ll likely need a hdmi>dvi or a TB>dvi adapter.

I have varied results with the 4-port HDMI types you see on Amazon. They’ll be working fine one moment, then flake out the next.

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5th Aug 2020


Not central to the process but it makes using multiple devices easier!

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21st Jan 2021

Whatever you do, avoid this product. I bought one on Black Friday and had to replace it because the video stopped working altogether. The replacement just arrived and is literally just as broken as the first. Can’t seem to find a decent HDMI switch anywhere that doesn’t break the wallet.