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TESmart HDMI [email protected] Ultra HD 2×1 HDMI KVM Switch [email protected] 4:4:4 with 2 Pcs 5ft KVM Cables Supports USB 2.0 Devices Control up to 2 Computers/Servers/DVR (Black)?

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3rd Nov 2021

This is what I have:


It was a little more expensive but I wanted the higher frequency.

It works well. I have two actually so I can do dual monitors for two diff systems

You can use adapters if needed for the monitor if needed

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24th Jul 2020

This probably isn’t great for awesome sound quality, but this is what I’ve been using for my wfh setup. I have my laptop dock and my home PC connected to it. I plug my headphones into the audio out and route sound from the monitor. Doing that I get the active computers sound through the headphones. You get the added benefit of sharing keyboard, mouse and other peripherals too. Biggest problem I have had was the mouse and keyboard inputs don’t work well anything more simple than a plan $10 setup. Gaming keyboards barely work. I added a power USB hub to it and it’s been pretty good. The hub is also shared.


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24th Nov 2018

My first thought is a KVM like this. Might be expensive and idk if it adds some marginal latency to your keyboard. You plug your PC and Switch HDMI and USB into the KVM and then the KVM to the monitor in question.

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22nd Jan 2021

I have TE Smart HDMI KVM Switch that can support 4K @ 60Hz. Purchased for $90 AUD. I wouldn’t call it particularly expensive for the convenience it gives me.