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TESmart 16×1 HDMI KVM Switch 16 Port Enterprise Grade Support 4K 60Hz Ultra HD Console Rack Mount Switcher with 8 Pcs 5ft KVM Cable,USB 2.0 Device Control up to 16 PCs/Servers,RS232,LAN Port Control?

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19th Apr 2021

The KVM HDMI is Chinese made. TesSmart – It was half price of what it costs now when I originally purchased it. I know folk don’t like the Chinee stuff, but I have to say, when it came to comparison to all the others (btw also made in China) it was hands down and I’m super happy with it.


The other is a 4X4 HDMI HDBaseT switch (HDMI over ethernet CAT6) – had two, one recently crapped out on me, but got these from Monoprice.