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6th Jan 2021

Hi. I’m Beth. I’m sadly 41 & most people wouldn’t even know by looking at me, that I suffer in ways that are so similar to yours. I read what you wrote about the tailbone area. My main problem(s) stem from the Sacroillium (SI joint). This holds your hips in as well (or it’s all related). I was hit by a drunk driver at 27 and my life has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. It hurts to sit, drive, forget laying down (I also have herniated neck discs that aren’t going away after 5 years.). I live on my heating pad & I use a TENS machine I got on Amazon (the $20 one oddly is even better than the one the doctors use.) it’s insane. I’ve gone to chiropractors, pain management (RIP OFF JOKE HORRIBLE PLACE), PT, shots….it’s all bullshit. I have always been super active. I ran, swam, skated, I even played hockey in my better days. I’m “fit” looking. I swear it’s like not only do people judge, but they don’t believe you. The depression and anxiety – it’s even more crippling than the injuries some days (most days). I know it’s hard to eat Bc you feel like hurling most of the time, pain kills your appetite. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this too. I’m at the point where I had to give up my long term career back in 2016; I was there out of college. I can’t manage a job more than 20 hours a week now. I can’t sit. My arms go numb, I can’t feel my fingers as I type this.

I guess I’m not too inspirational here. I haven’t been able to find proper help. I’ve spent every cent I ever had (and I did well for myself when I was working); it’s all gone now all from trying to find help in America. My best advice from my experience is find a General physician – have them send you for updated MRI’s and X-rays. Work with a chiropractor 3 times a week (sucks I know and insurance is a joke) also have the physician write you a script for physical therapy and a pain regimen. If the findings are bad enough in your scans; yes they will help you with pain control. Outside of this (Miralax is now your best friend). You can’t taste it and you can drink it in anything. It’s a stool softener. It’s the best there is. Pls trust me on this advice. This is what I’ve been doing – all of above. I too am miserable. I cry and mourn the life I used to have. I’m a ball of anxiety & depression and man am I tired. I have gotten 3 new beds over the last 5 years and they all SUCK. If you can recline – sleep in the recliner. As for eating, I’m very self conscious about ever looking too skinny – I know it sounds insane lol but I think women should be curvy (not fat, but nice curves). I hate when I can’t eat. Supplement a lot of ensure plus when you can’t eat. Eggs are a good source of protein. I drink milk every day too. I still feel like shit, but lol it helps me not look emaciated too. I guess I fear I’ll look as bad as I feel. I wish I could make it better for you. Please explore the SI joint and coxis area (especially the nerves) with a chiropractor. Christ it’s excruciating. This bad boy on Amazon is $20 and it does muscle, deep tissue work etc. it’s the best ever. Good luck with everything; please just know you’re not alone; it just feels like it Bc people mostly suck.

Tens unit below. Sending virtual hugs.

TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator for… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VVPW56Q?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share