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Tempur-Pedic TP4000 Fabric Task Chair?

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4th Jan 2021

> he also tried a Herman Miller Aeron as well as the embody chair but had to return them because of how uncomfortable they were for him, he needs support but also soft cushioning.

Well, I was going to suggest an Aeron. I’ve got one, sitting in it now… got it nearly 10 years ago and it continues to be the best chair.

The STAPLES Hyken Technical Task chair is an acceptable cheaper one… but if the Aeron doesn’t have the right soft cushioning, this doesn’t either.

So now… I’m hunting up my father’s old chair (or its style). I’m going to say “check out the ‘gaming’ chairs.” Maybe something like https://www.newegg.com/Black-Red-Dowinx-LS-668803-Computer-Gaming/p/2T4-029X-00018 (and browse https://www.newegg.com/Gaming-Chairs/SubCategory/ID-3628 ). My father’s chair was probably closest to https://www.amazon.com/Tempur-Pedic-Ergonomic-Fabric-Mid-Back-Office/dp/B07J252Y2W – though it had an even thicker cushion for the seat.

That seat cushion can’t be ignored. Back in March when it was a “I need an office chair for home now“, I got a cheap cushion one. It was an ok 2-3h chair, but after that you started feeling the seat base – a hard and flat piece of wood. It certainly wasn’t a 5-8h seat. Now, my cat uses it to look out the window.