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27th Feb 2016

Yeah, I understand the hesitation for sure. I have tried three of the “premium” pillows including the my pillow.

I also realize how huge of a difference the right pillow can make, and how miserable I am if I have to use a subpar pillow for only a few nights. I spent a lot of years either buying half a dozen regular polyfill, cotton fill, and feather pillows, or just figuring that this is as good as it gets and suffering through it.

One was your typical memory foam that was molded flat on the bottom, and two curves on the top of different sizes . One curve was too thick and side sleeping my neck would end up higher than the top of my head. On the thinner curve it was better, but the top of my head would be resting on the larger curve, raising it above my neck.

Since the other memory foam pillow was really close to good I decided to try another but with a uniform profile.. Well, not really decided to try, but more like i bought an expensive mates and had the choice between two sheet sets or this ridiculous looking pillow with a $200 MSRP. Don’t let the pictures fool you, it is not a traditional pillow. It is a slab of (heavy) memory foam. This pillow was really close to perfect for me, but that is going to depend on personal head/neck/shoulder geometry. It also has two sides that offer identical shape, but one side is a bit softer as it is straight memory foam with circulation holes, and the other has a blue cooling gel pad on it. I loved that side in the summer. I don’t have AC, and during a heatwave it was a life saver when it is 80+ degrees all night. It cools because it is dense and has a very high thermal density. If it gets warm, rotate it and you are good to go. I still will go back to this pillow during heat waves. The problem with it though is that it only has one shape(and it is oddly heavy. Like cheating in a pillow fight heavy. It had to have been 10+ pounds.). I like to have a pillow wrap around to give support to my upper back. That allows proper neck alignment for me with out having to lay perfectly on my side.

Then I was given a My Pillow as a gift at Christmas two years ago.. I was skeptical as hell, and felt a little bad that my parents fell for a pillow that gets sold on the radio. First, the biggest difference is that it is structured like a traditional pillow with a blend of shredded foam. Think Luv Sac stuffing, but a bit more airy or foamy. Like a normal pillow you can shape it by compressing parts of it or fluffing it up.

If it seems to lose a bit of loft, which is unavoidable as oils from you skin and hair get on the foam, it is easy to wash and dry. I was hesitant and did not want to potentially damage it, and did not think it would make a difference. After some time and a few sweaty nights I finally washed it, and holy crap, it was like new again. I did not realize that it had really changed much. Just be sure to dry it for at least 2 full cycles. It may feel dry on the outside, but some moisture will be trapped in the interior of the foam.

In short, it gave me the nice memory foam-like combination of being soft on small features like ears, and not causing headaches from being too firm, but still offering good firm support over all that does not degrade through out the night or over repeated use. If that does not make sense think wad of cotton (totally soft, but pressure with make it flat and hard) vs a memory foam matress (you can push on it and leave a hand print, and though you can’t push further it still remains “soft” causing no hard pressure points from over compression.

It feels like a nice brand new traditional pillow that sleeps great for the first week or month before it starts to break down and suck, but it never breaks down to the point where flipping it over or fluffing it for a couple seconds won’t fix it.

I have no idea which version I have though. Not the softest one but probably one of the middle two. The pillow either does not have tags, or I removed them. If you decide to go for it, shop around on price. The MSRP is over $100, but they can be had as cheap as $40-50. Mine also came with a travel pillow, which is just a smaller version of the regular pillow, not a traditional one that wraps around. I find that I have been spoiled with neck support, so I use that little guy on the couch, on a beanbag, or if I need to take a nap in the car.

And now I realize I sound like a shill… I am just the type of guy that does more research on a pair of headphones than most do when they buy a car or join the military, so I like detailed write ups instead of the typical “it’s amazing for sleeping. If fits in a pillow case, but one time it was only pretty good.”