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Tecware Phantom Shroud Classic Magnetic Keyboard Cover, for Phantom 87 and 104 Mechanical Keyboards (87 Keys Black)?

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6th Jul 2021

Tecware Phantom was one of my favorite keyboards, the only downside is that the cable is not detachable.

As far as low profile keyboards so personally I don’t like them. If you ever want to get into customizing your keyboard, you will have a hard time finding a selection of low profile keycaps. Just stick to normal, and have more options in the future I would say.

For the Tecware in particular you can get a shroud that will make the edges of the keyboard taller so you have more of a lower profile feeling, but still maintain the integrity of the keycaps.

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19th Apr 2021

I think he was referring to this shroud, not using the Tecware case as a replacement