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Tecware Phantom L, Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED, Outemu Blue Switch…?

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20th Oct 2021

Tecware Phantom L, Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED, Outemu Blue Switch… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0855VFVGB/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_DP7HTVVWZASYW8VHVDRG

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13th Sep 2021



(red switches will be most similar to silvers and its what I have on my phantom L. you cant really go wrong with any of these options though)

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1st Sep 2021

You can get something like this:


And then replace the switches that are compatible with outemu sockets (outemu silent linear for example).

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30th Jul 2020

The reason you cannot find a keyboard with all of these recommendations is because it does not exist.

> Low profile keys (I assume this’ll mean membrane rather than mechanical).

There are low profile mechanical switches, so you don’t have to settle for membrane or scissor switch.

> Built-in wrist rest

Very few high end keyboards come with a built-in wrist rest. Personally, I would recommend getting a separate wrist rest that will tailor better to your needs.

> Legs at the front (so the side closest to me is elevated) – this feature seems to be rare on non-ergonomic keyboards.

You will never find this on a non-ergonomic keyboard. Your only option is to physically prop up the keyboard to the height you need.

> Back-lit keys.

Super common feature.

That being said:

  1. Tecware Phantom L. Comes in Outemu Reds (silent, linear), Browns (silent, tactile), and Blues (audible, tactile).
  2. HyperX Cooling Wrist Rest.
  3. Popsicle sticks to elevate the front of the keyboard. You can get RGB Popsicle sticks too.

All in all, you’ll be well under $100. Your only other option is to go full custom and that will require a trip over to the Mechanical Keyboards subreddit.

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25th Jul 2020

So is it possible to use Cherry MX low profile or normal switches in this keyboard, im thinking about getting some different switches and im not sure to hunt for Gateron lp switches or if I could just go for an obviously compatible set of switches, any thoughts?


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27th May 2020

it is available on amazon us now. i ordered one yesterday and expecting delivery tomorrow.