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TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED (Outemu Blue)?

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16th Jul 2019

Tecware Phantom 104 is a nice one that’s not expensive but has some good features, like fully customizable RGB and hotswap capability in case you ever want to try different switches or if a switch breaks. They use Outemu switches, which are similar to Cherries, and they have a blue switch option. 10% off on Amazon (so $45.00) right now.

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22nd May 2020

A bit over a month ago I didn’t think mice were a big deal in terms of gaming. After hearing my girlfriend’s brother say they are arguably more important than mechanical keyboards, I decided to look into it. Come to find out, my mouse I got from a keyboard and mouse combo sucked compared to mice found on here (.. yes, I recently switched to a mechanical keyboard and I love it). I spent hours researching; finding out that there are all these positions in which everyone holds a mouse, the need to measure your hand to find a mouse that’ll fit your hand well, the shape, the weight, the sensor, the switches, etc.

I use my right hand; measuring ~19×10.5. I usually fingertip grip with either little to no palm contact (usually just the base of my thumb touching and the rest hovering). A few weeks ago, I made a decision at 3 am (I can not confirm nor deny this was the reason I was up so late). I purchased the CoolerMaster MM710. “Wow,” some of you may say; “why” you may ask. Yes, it is quite a small mouse for my hand, but honestly, I was tired (literally) of looking for a good mouse within my budget (under $50). The MM710 is the lightest mouse on the market at 53-grams (that I know of), it was $40.95 with a $10 instant rebate on Amazon at the time, has a great sensor (PMW3389), cable (ultra weave), unique honeycomb design (compared to traditional mice), nice buttons, switches, scroll wheel and to top it off it came with an extra set of PTFE feet. And yes, as of May 2020, the common issues seem to have been fixed; no more button clicks by pressing/gripping the side or top, no scroll wheel wobble, nice pre/post-travel.

At first experience, my ring finger felt a bit displaced/uncomfortable on the side of the mouse as if it didn’t have enough space. I also did prefer ergonomic mice so the MM710 being an ambidextrous mouse, I mentally complained at first. So, I began the search for a more ergo(nomic) mouse. After some more research, I purchased the SteelSeries Rival 310. After using the MM710, the Rival 310 felt like a brick (90-grams vs 53). On top of this, this may totally be on me for purchasing refurbished or whoever performed the refurb, but the CPI (DPI) and side buttons had some “twang” or “springy” noise when I ran/stuck my finger on/over them in a certain way along with a super tiny paint imperfection on the logo (nothing to complain about, really). It just sounded cheap. Nonetheless, even if these issues were not present, I still believe I’d main the MM710. The RGB and shape were a plus on the Rival 310, but everything else could not compete with the MM710. Now that I’m used to the MM710, the shape doesn’t even seem to be an issue. I should note that others who purchased a refurbished model didn’t have the same issue as me, and Amazon was more than accomodating when I messaged them about it.

Why even try to compare the two despite being in totally different categories? Well, that’s just how the cookie crumbled for me. It was my journey searching for a mouse for me and my budget. To rookies, a 37-gram difference (90-53) in a mouse probably doesn’t seem like much. When compared side-to-side, they definitely are. The MM710 is an incredible value especially at $30.95 and I’m glad I got it (for anyone wondering, they seem to have a $10 rebate on Amazon every month for about 7-10 days; check the price history).

Lighter isn’t always better for everyone, but it is hard for me to switch to something heavier now that I’m used to the MM710. The moral of the story is, mice do matter. Mice can affect performance. Like 144Hz+ monitors, they won’t make you a good gamer, but they can allow you to be a better one.

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13th Jul 2018

It’s lighter and there’s more of a hollow noise when you bottom out the switches.

When I mention that the build quality of this keyboard isn’t that great, it’s because pretty much any mechanical keyboard will be of this build quality.

My keyboard also came with one of the stabilizers broken. I had to disassemble the keyboard to fix it too because how it was installed caused the wire to jam the stabilizer on the plate, not letting me take it out.

Someone linked a keyboard that seems to be near-identical clone of the keyboard at half the cost(no switchless, keycapless variant though).

It seems to be an amazon lightning deal right now:

$37 for outemu blues:


tenkeyless at $40:


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10th Sep 2020

I mean, speaking from experience, I like the glorious mouse model O a lot and would suggest that and you don’t spend that much money on the keyboard – I use the Tecware Phantom https://www.amazon.com/TECWARE-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-Excellent/dp/B076YHBQYJ/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=phantom+keyboard&qid=1599759083&sr=8-4 and love it, but if you want to put a lot of money into a really nice keyboard than you could totally do that. Also, the corsair cooler is a bit more expensive than others but it does have RGB so, ya know. You could also get windows for much less for some websites but windows said they might crack down on them.

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31st Jul 2020

In general all switches are compatible with all PCBs. The only exceptions are when you get into things like Alps switches (which are not generally available like MX style switches), or if your PCB uses Outemu style hot-swap sockets (which is the case in some OEM boards. You can see an example of one of those here)

Some PCBs won’t accept PCB-mount switches without clipping the extra legs. See this video for an example of how and why you would want to do that.

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9th Jan 2019

You could get something like this for $~55:


and swap the switches since they are hotswap, layout can be changed in your OS