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Tascam US-2×2 MXL 990/991 Package?

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1st Feb 2016

I consider myself a hermit monk. I don’t really do anything besides sitting in my room. I don’t play video games, or have any social media accounts (Reddit is my only outlet to the world .. o gawd). Basically, besides work, the only things I do are: Meditation, Music, Fitness, Philosophy. Alot of times, two or three of these things merge into one. 🙂

I really enjoy the simple life. I find alot of peace and pleasure in being “void of society.” Culture and fads and media.. I’m just not interested in being apart of that stuff anymore. There’s so much more to life and experience than TV and FaceBook. Sitting in silence can be far more rewarding than twice the time spent on YouTube searching for “epic.” I’ve often thought about moving myself to India and joining a monastery. You can find my music here 🙂

This Friday, I gotta buy myself this so I’m able to record properly again. So anything off of my Music list would be very helpful and very greatly appreciated