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24th Apr 2018

I was in a similar situation, right under a vent in my office. Didn’t want to drop $300 on Bose, so I tried a cheap set from Amazon.


Works surprisingly well, better than a Sony set I had previously. I paid $48 a few weeks ago, might go on sale again if you want to wait and see.

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19th Sep 2020

Just a few little practical tips that help me:-
– When you board the plane, try to imagine a force field of space around you. When seated, stretch a bit. Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable.
– Take off is actually quite brief. During takeoff, focus on your feet. (Think about how they feel inside your shoes. Are they warm or cold? Are your socks smooth or rough? Can you feel the floor through the soles of your shoes? Try to sense each individual toe. Notice which ones you can sense without moving the toes). Sounds silly but it gets your mind engaged and away from feeling anxiety sensations.
– As soon as it is allowed, put in ear plugs or, better yet, noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones. Have some podcasts chosen and ready in case the films are available or aren’t engaging enough. This will drown out the noise of the engines, allowing you to focus on a podcast or movie till your anxiety abates.

(Probably not enough time to get these now late but TaoTronics makes excellent, lower cost, noise-cancelling earbuds.)