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Tactical Barbell: Mass Protocol?

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28th Sep 2019

Read Mass Protocol.


It’s the most complete muscle building program I’ve come across in one package, includes cardio/conditioning, also holds your hand and spells out the diet required to gain quality mass.

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4th Apr 2021

> Lads, what book are these templates included in?

TB: Mass Protocol (hypertrophy): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T8QSK12/

> I have TB3 and the conditioning book

Quick clarification. In addition to TB: Mass above, the core books are:

TB1: Strength, 3rd Edition (this is what you mean by TB3, but it’s still TB1).

TB2: Conditioning.

TB3: Evolution (not out yet and slated tentatively for end of 2021).

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29th Dec 2020

Mass Protocol is a book that contains groups of templates categorized as General and Specificity. Both types, but especially Specificity, include a wide variety of accessory work. Which template are you using?

Here’s the book: