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Switch Sound Dampeners Sheet Silencer Pad Shockproof Cotton Foam for Mechanical Keyboard (84 Layout)?

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10th Jul 2021

Hey, I’ve just built mine, and the foam I used in the bottom of the case (linked in my previous comment) was 3mm and worked perfectly. I did one layer in the smaller cutout and one layer across the whole base of the case. I did I-ring mount my pcb/plate slightly off the standoffs though so that would have raised it slightly – although I’d recommend doing that as it’ll give a much more even typing feel.

Also, my original plan had been to cut my foam into strips to be able to have some between plate and pcb, but that didn’t work – I ended up buying this foam from Amazon, and trimming it down for my 65% layout. Although if you’re not in based you’ll have more options – but I found it hard to find plate foam here for a reasonable price.

Hope that helps, good luck with the build – I finally finished mine the other day and have been really enjoying it!