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Switch Opener Kit with GPL 205G0 Switch Puller Switch Clamp for Cherry Switches Mechanical Keyboard?

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7th Sep 2021

I also have the boba u4ts and I’d recommend getting some lube for them. I got some cheap stuff that came with some accessories on Amazon. It has what you listed and some others.

Good luck on your build!

I really want a keyboard with a nice resin case, and a sound like in this video (sound test at 3:19)

Ive decided on getting Gateron black inks, same as that video. I have a budget of 150 (flexible)

I did find a nice resin case on KBDfans here, but in the description it said “Compatible with DZ60rev 3.0 PCB ( Solderable PCB; RGB underglow; Support QMK firmware and VIA configurator ) only.”

and I dont have a soldering unit, so I need a hotswapable pcb. I mostly am having trouble picking out the parts, besides switches and type of case.

Can someone please help me find or recommend parts with a sound like the video above? Im mostly struggling finding a case and pcb to go with the case

(also is this lubing kit any good?)