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Switch Opener Cherry MX Switch Openers for Mechanical Keyboard Switches Tool for Keycap Keyboard Switch Lover Gamer, White?

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26th Jul 2020

https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Openers-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches/dp/B07XQGLP8H switch opener . i have heard of some using 2 sets of tweezers . if u do careful u dont stab urslef it can be tricky

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22nd Aug 2020

Here ya go

Last time I bought from them it took a bit, but that was in April at the beginning of quarantine so I can only assume it’ll be faster now. I think they’re based out of NY too, so it should get there quick! I’d recommend Krytox 205g0 for your creams, but it looks like you know that already ;]. 2ml should be plenty for 60 switches, you can even get a brush from them too. Have fun! Don’t forget a switch opener