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Switch Lube Kits 5PCS Contain GPL 205g0 Keyboard Lube Grease 0.17OZ, Stem Holder Keycap Puller Switch Puller and Lube Brush, Switches Lubricant for Customized Mechanical Keyboard Switch and Stabilizer?

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11th Aug 2021

I’m not too familiar with Akko switches or linears in general since I’m a bit more towards tactile gang (Boba U4T’s FTW!), but I think I’ve pretty much upgraded my Tecware TKL to the point where I can offer some sound advice. The switches you mentioned are 3-pin which are compatible with Tecware so hopefully they work. Otherwise, if you’re buying from Amazon, you could always return them.

  • Stock Tools Suck: First things first, DO NOT USE THE STOCK KEYCAP PULLER OR SWITCH PULLER. The plastic keycap puller is inferior to wire pullers in pretty much every way. They damage the sides of your keycaps and you can’t grab more than one at once. The switch puller is literal hell. No padding for your fingers, harder to get the teeth underneath the switches, and barely gives you any leverage/grip to pull the switch out.

  • Keyboard Tool Recommendations: Unfortunately the kit I recommend is off-sale for some reason, and this is the next best thing. It doesn’t have tweezers which I found the most useful, so you’ll have to get those separately unless they hopefully restock the other link. Good pullers and brush, stem holder is good too but I barely used it. It’ll give you the leverage you need to get your switches out nice and easy. The included Krytox 205g0 are good for linear switches and stabilizers.

  • Stabilizers: Speaking of which, these are my stabilizers. Plate-mounted stabs are what the Tecware use, and Durock and Everglide are pretty much universally recommended from everywhere I searched. Stabilizers are kind of hard to get out and put in. You’ll need to use tweezers to push down on the tiny clip at the top and use your other hand to push really hard to kind of tilt each housing out. You also somewhat need to force the housings in. They won’t snap in like the stock stabilizers, just make sure the clip is centered by the end and the stabilizer stem can move freely.

  • Stabilizer Mods: Follow this and this. It helps the sound of your stabilizers and makes them less mushy. I use a nail cutter for clipping.

  • Case Foam: I use butyl rubber to deaden the inside of my case. There’s like 12-13 screws you need to remove and then you can just pop the pcb/plate out of the case. I struggled with scissors because I couldn’t find a cutter, but 100% use a cutter to save your sanity. You need to cut holes in it for the fasteners and other things that pop into the back of the case. It’s not perfectly flat back there, and you need to lay your case foam perfectly flat, otherwise either you can’t screw it shut, or it forces the PCB into the plate and doesn’t let you put in switches properly. I’ve had to disassemble it several times in order to make sure the rubber lay flat enough.

  • Keycaps: I’m not sure what tastes you have in letter fonts, but I personally recommend a thick PBT keycap, around 1.5 mm thick. ABS are supposedly a little deeper, but I can’t stand how cheap and gross they look and feel after they start shining from wear. Supposedly SA keycaps have the deepest thock, but I couldn’t find any cheap enough that were the right font and color scheme for me. These are mine.

  • Shroud: It doesn’t really change the sound of my keyboard, but it looks sexy as fuck. Thinking of painting mine red.

  • Towel Mod: Grab a towel, fold it, put it under your keyboard. Suddenly it sounds twice as good.

That’s all I’ve got since I can’t think of anything else and it’s almost 6 AM. Best of luck! Hit me up if you have any questions.