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Swan Speakers – T200C – Luxurious 2.0 Powered Bookshelf Speakers – HiFi Speakers – WiFi & Bluetooth – Studio Monitors – Full Metal Front Plate – Long-Throw 5.25” Mid-Woofer – 70W RMS?

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18th Dec 2017

Yup, they’re 499 on amazon with prime shipping. But we’re on a different version, I think OP has version A or B, we’re on C now.

C just has Bluetooth and a smaller heatsink on the back.


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17th Dec 2017

Swan T200’s

I think someone mentioned there are new versions with Bluetooth, but mine are the old version.


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2nd Feb 2017

We just brought our T200C’s onto amazon.


Here’s a link to an review for the older version, the T200’b. The new version has bluetooth connectivity.