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Swan Speakers – M50W – Powered 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers – HiFi Music Listening System – Wooden cabinet – Full Range Drivers – 6.5″ Subwoofer – Desktop Near-field Use – 100W RMS?

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29th May 2017

For an all in one we have the M50W on amazon for 285.


If you want separate components I would get a great 2.0 setup like the JBL’s or another stereo setup going first then add the subwoofer later.

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30th Dec 2016

Second this, even though it’s my own product.

The M10’s are a clear step above the Logitech. But if you want to upgrade to a sub in the future, my general advice is get a reciever/amplifier combo that has a dedicated subwoofer output and a pair of passive speakers.

The reason is that you’re going to need to do the crossovers sooner or later, and you might as well get setup now.

Alternatively, try our m50w 2.1 system. It has a 6.5″ subwoofer, and sounds really really good. You won’t be able to upgrade it though, but it was designed with the amplifier and crossover already done, so it’s pretty optimized.


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14th Feb 2021

I’m getting ready to upgrade from my old Swans M50W system, currently looking at Klipsch R-110SW and RP-150M on Amazon, which I think are identical to the newer SPL-100 and RP-500M. I’m mostly listening to music and occasionally watching movies, from my computer with a pretty good sound card, in my living room.

What other components do I need to buy? I don’t think I need a DAC, I don’t currently have sound quality issues. Do I need an amp, receiver, or crossover? Which ones would you recommend? I don’t really know anything about them. My budget is fairly open but they should make sense given the price of the speakers (~$700 USD total). Also any recommendations on stands for the bookshelf speakers?

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27th May 2017

Mackie in general makes very good speaker, or studio monitors. The 5″ Mackie CR5BT are multi-media speaker, which actually means computer speakers.

They have an On/Off Switch and Volume Control on the front, that controls both speakers.


Scroll down until you see the speakers, and on the edges of that section you will see < and >, these are scroll buttons. Click on the > to shift the page to the right to see the CR5BT model.

And they have one additional feature, they have Bluetooth, which means they can receive signal from any Bluetooth enabled device like a Smart Phone or similar.

The Front Panels also has an AUX In, and Headphone Outs. PRICE at $219/pair, though you may find better prices –


The ZZound link shows very clear photos of the Front and Back of the speakers.

The Front Single Volume Control, and the Front Aux and Headphone inputs makes this very handy to use on a computer when compared to Studio Monitors. With Studio Monitors each speakers is self-powered and identical. That means each individual speakers will have a separate volume control the back.

The Swan M50 is considerably more speaker including a Subwoofer, abut it is also $100 more money.


Swan are quality speakers, but they are more rare and harder to find.


The Swan front speakers are only 3″, but they are accompanied by a 6.5″ Subwoofer, though in reality it is more like a plain woofer. But still it should extend the bass range of the speakers.

There are a few Swan M50 Videos on Youtube you might want to watch to get a better sense of what the speaker look like.


You will also find videos on The Mackie CR5BT. That might help give you a sense of the general nature of the speakers, and some sense of how they look in a normal environment.



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13th Dec 2016

We have a pretty nice 2.1 speaker system for 289. It’s a little over your budget, but you get a nice big 6.5″ subwoofer.


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