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Swage Sport Workout Bluetooth Headphones – Sweat-Proof – Designed to Stay Put – Perfect Running Headphones and Gym – Bluetooth Headset Flexible Band for Extra Comfort – 1 Year Warranty?

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23rd Nov 2015

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for in headphones. I can’t do the in ear headphones as they hurt for me and never seem to stay in. But I ideally wanted mine to be sweat proof and lightweight. So I shopped around online and got these. I’m pretty happy with them and they fit my fat head. They naturally fold up small and neatly and have survived getting tossed around with a pad lock in my gym bag. Theyre on sale cheaper than I got them right now. They’re Bluetooth, so no wires and its hard to find workout headphones with blue tooth at that price. Sound is solid and while they won’t blow you away with bass, they sound better than most ear buds at that price. The one con is I generally have to take them off about once a hour to rest the outside of my ears, but I have sensitive ears and I only need to take them off for a minute or too. Overall, best workout headphones I’ve had owned so far with my small budget. But if in ears is what you want, couldn’t tell ya what’s good.

Also, congrats on finishing your week! For me, first few weeks were the toughest as you’re only just starting to build endurance. But you’ll start to get stronger quicker than you think. It will sneak up on you. Next thing you know, you’ll be running for 20 minutes straight. Good job on your progress and keep at it. I’m rooting for you!