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SVINZ Newest 5 Alarms Dementia Clock, Day Clock w/ Snooze Button, 2 Auto-Dim Options, Large 8″ Display Wall Digital Calendar Alarm Clock for Vision Impaired, Elderly, Memory Loss, Black, SDC008?

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19th Aug 2019

There’s always something! I’m really sorry you live far away, even as a partner it can be hard to see your SO struggle with that burden. Sending care packages is also a great idea! Things for the caregiver as well as things for the person whose sick. There’s a really good clock you could send to help the dad as well as treats for the mom, audio books and other things. If it’s within your means offering to fly down for a weekend to help every so often may be good but isn’t always possible. 🙂
Or calling snd setting up meal delivery or adult-sitting services.