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SUPRENT Beard Trimmer,Adjustable Beard Trimmer for Men with Li-ion Battery,Fast Charge, Long-Lasting Use,19 Built-in Adjustable Precise Lengths,USB Charging (Black 01)?

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31st Mar 2019

I will keep praising this thing until it gets the recognition it deserves. I’ve tried so many beard trimmers, including a few listed here, and this one won out big time. it’s usb, holds a charge for like 3 months if not more (I use it about once a week to trim my beard and my head), has adjustable settings and you can take it all the way off for a buzz trim too.

I’ve had my for over a year now and it’s still like brand new.

surpent beard trimmer: https://www.amazon.com/SUPRENT-Adjustable-Lengths-Portable-Charging/dp/B07C1H7W1L

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4th Sep 2018

I’ve been living out of my bag for about three months now, planning on going for many many more. Here’s my one tool that I use for beard/body trimming and shaving my head. It’s USB rechargeable and it lasts for ages on a single charge. I trim my own head about once a week and have done some haircuts for friends in hostels. I’ll also carry a normal disposable razor to clean my neck, but that’s it.

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1st Jul 2018

I have this one bookmarked, but don’t own it and there aren’t any reviews: