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Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Renewing Cleansing Oil – Removes Makeup & Daily Impurities 1 x 200ml?

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17th Mar 2022

Oil cleansers are a type of cleanser, there are plenty available, but the current brand that I use is literally the cheapest on Amazon – Super Facialist Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. It also has vitamin c which is great for healing up any blemishes.

This is only my experience and I haven’t seen a lot of other comments regarding blackheads, but I think most people agree that it really evens out the dry zones vs t-zones. It is cheap and gentle, though, so definitely worth a try!

Good luck to your daughter!

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28th Aug 2020

The basics for any skin care routine are AM: cleanse, moisturise, sunscreen. PM: cleanse, moisturise. Anything else added is to address certain skin conditions and improve on what you’ve got.

In your case you’re still pretty young, so ignore anything that says anti ageing as you’ll be paying for ingredients that wo’nt make a blime bit of difference! Lets focus on the bits that you mention.

Cleansing – if you wear make up or SPF then a double cleanse (oil based cleanser followed by a water cleanser is recommended cos SPF and makeup are designed to be long wearing so you need an extra step to get rid of it. Something like this Super facialist cleansing oil followed by Cerave SA cleanser which contains ingredients to help smooth out those bumps. Finish with any moisturiser that you like the feel of and is not too rich. Again Cerave has lots of choices, or look at the Neutrogena boost ones but any non perfumed one will do.

Find a SPF face that you like and keep to this routine for at least 6 weeks to see if it works for you. If after that time you feel you need a further boost on smoothing your skin, try a lactic acid as this is particularly good for young oily skin and helps get rid of bumps and occasional breakouts through gentle exfoliation.

PS – you also can’t go wrong with Caroline Hirons ‘Ultimate no nonsense guide to skin care’ – use the look inside feature on Amazon as this will give you a good idea of its style and content

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12th Mar 2022

Oil cleansers are like magic, as far as I’m concerned. I first used one when I had a breakout of blackheads and those bad boys just went PING out of my skin the first time I used it. I don’t want to misquote the science, but my jumbled layman’s understanding of oil cleansers is that they basically replace the stogdy gunked up oil with fresh, clean oil, so the pores stay moist but unblocked. Repeat daily and the moisture balance stays right where it should.

On my legs, I got immediate relief upon application the first time and I think things looked pretty moist after about three days (incl. the moisturiser). In terms of healing up the darker marks, that took longer but I think the vitamin C, massaging in the lotion etc. probably helps clear it up.

I’ve used a few different oil cleansers over the years and I can’t say one brand is definitively better than the others. I used to love L’Oreal’s one (the aforementioned zit-pinger) but it has been discontinued. The one I’m currently using is Super Facialist with Vitamin C.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing is the exact name, it appears. That’s a lot of words for “moisturiser”!

Best of luck with your skin!

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7th Dec 2021

It isn’t, but I do like DHC! It has a bit of a cult following but I find it a bit pricey.

This is the one I use, but I couldn’t find it on US Amazon, sorry. My other recommendation is Simple cleansing oil, which doesn’t seem to be on US Amazon either but you might be able to find them in shops.

Don’t shy away from small bottles, by the way. A little goes a looong way!

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15th Feb 2021

Have you considered an oil cleanser? The entire concept seemed nuts to me but I eventually tried one out of desperation (my skin was inflamed and literally flaking off at that point) and the relief was IMMEDIATE. My skin wasn’t fixed overnight but in combination with some heavy duty night cream, it really got my skin back on track. In my case it seems like the inflammation stemmed from or was exacerbated by untreated long term dehydration, ymmv.

I’m not a dermatologist but it seems to me that my previous cleansers, no matter how “gentle”, had been stripping away moisture, whereas the oil cleansers replenished moisture, carried dirt away from the skin and locked moisture in.

I used to swear by the L’Oreal one but they discontinued it a while ago, and I can’t say I’ve had any bad experiences with random brands. I’m using the cheapest one on Amazon right now and it has been lovely all through the harsh winter.

My night time routine is oil cleanser – vitamin C & hyaluronic acid serum (non-brand, cheapest on Amazon), Garnier Night Cream and Aldi Miracle Cream (dupe of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream – seriously greasy stuff but oooh lovely skin in the morning!)

Oil Cleanser

Vitamin C/Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Garnier Night Cream

Lacura (Aldi) Miracle Cream

Good luck!